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STAGE FIRE Dance Project 2009

27.05.2009 Švestka Štefan 27819
Krakow, 22 July 2009 - 2 August 2009 - new, exciting Irish SHOW dance project!!

Are you looking for new dance experiences and inspiration?
Have you ever wanted to see how a dancing show is being created?
Do you dream of dancing on stage alongside the Riverdancers?

Sign up for a new exciting dance project

Several dozens of dancers from all over the Europe, three amazing choreographers and only 10 days to create a breathtaking show to live music of Polish top Irish music band - Carrantuohill.

Stage Fire is a rare combination of classic summer camp with all the technique drills and new steps, and modern Irish show dancing.

The event for all dancers - from beginners to champions - from all schools and organizations.

Come and join us!
Become a part of this magnificent project!

Up to 35% discount for an early-bird enrollments!
Special discount for group entries!
We are happy to invite you to Stage Fire Dance Project. Stage Fire is an Irish dance summer school for dancers on every level, from all schools and organisations, concentrated on modern show dancing! The goal of this unique dance project is to create a full length dance show which will be performed on stage to live music by one of the most famous Polish Irish music bands – Carrantuohill – just after 10 days of intensive Irish dance workshops held in Cracow, Poland - the pearl of all polish cities - 22nd - 31st of July.

The participants from all over Europe will work on improving their technique, style and stage presentation under the supervision of our prominent teachers: Shane McAvinchey (Ireland), David Bellwood (UK), and others to be announced.
Our special guest is COLIN DUNNE - nine times World Champion, one of the most famous Riverdance principal dancers, brilliant teacher and choreographer.

Working with each of these instructors will be a great opportunity for all of the dancers to observe different choreographic styles and ways of teaching. Everything will be prepared just for this special occasion, starting with the very choreographies you will be able to learn, and ending with the stage design, lighting effects and costumes, the form of which you will also have influence on. What’s more, it will be also a good chance to enhance your teamwork skills in a group of dancers united by a common goal, which is to create a wonderful dance show and entertain people, as well as to improve one’s dancing competence.

Stage Fire, Poland

Stage Fire will focus mainly on the show-dance type of choreographies, which means that despite a lot of technique exercises and new steps, the workshops will be devoted to more artistic and stage-oriented style of dancing. It also means that the event will be available for dancers of all levels – from beginners to champions. What we really want to teach you is that how you dance is not the most important part of a show – it is how you present it, what you bring to the whole project, how committed you are and how well you cooperate with the whole team.

Stage Fire Dance Project will be accompanied by lots of different events connected with the world of Irish dance and Ireland: musical concerts, film presentations, art/photo exhibitions, lectures, book displays, etc.

We have even more pleasure to announce that organisers of anniversary 15th Woodstock Festival have asked us to perform the best bits of our show during this amazing event! The teachers will select few dozens of the best dancers from Stage Fire team who will have a rare opportunity to showcase their dancing in front of over 400.000 people! This unique performance will take place in Kostrzyn, Poland on 1st-2nd of August.
The whole project is a unique opportunity to work with professional dancers and dance with them on stage to live music, performing an amazing show, the creation of which you can take part in.

The price and further information can be found on www.stagefireshow.com .

It is, however, worth mentioning that we have 20% discount for enrolments made before the end of May 2009 (35% for group entries)

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest regards,
Dorota Czajkowska

+48 501 227 668
Author: Stage Fire Dance Project

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